WATCH: Hammer and Scorecard live switching votes on CNN!

Watch the Hammer and Scorecard live in real-time on CNN change the exact vote number of 19,958 from President Trump and give it to Joe Biden

Election night November 3, 2020 you can see live the exact number votes of 19,958 being switched from President Trump to Treasonous Traitor Joe Biden in a 40 second update.

How is that possible? You use Hammer and Scorecard.

On election night where vote totals are coming in, how do you lose votes? The same exact number your opponent just gained?

Was there a bad update? Was this update sent by computer or human? How does CNN receive and update this data?

These are all questions any reasonable person would ask. All the sane common sense American people are asking is, this looks kind of strange, would you mind doing a full audit of OUR Presidential Election to make sure there weren’t any errors? Any mistakes? Any Fraud?!

The Treasonous Dems pulled off the ultimate nothing to see here.

This is why you have a riot at the Capitol. All of Big Tech, Wall St., Corporate America are audited annually if not, more frequently and we’re not allowed to audit our own Presidential election?

Who is preventing us from auditing the 2020 election?


If the 19,958 votes switched from Biden to Trump, would there be an audit?