Louie Gohmert Case Can Change the Election Outcome on January 6, 2020

Louie Gohmert Lawsuit Explained why he's suing VP Mike Pence and how it can change the outcome on Jan 6 2021

If you follow the Twitter trolls you can see their glorious meltdowns over the Louie Gohmert case. They are calling him stupid, the dumbest person in politics, etc. etc. That’s when you know you’re winning.

If you’re like most of us, at first you’re wondering why the hell is Congressmen Louie Gohmert suing Vice President Mike Pence? What the hell is going on?

Constitutional Attorney Rick Green beautifully lays out the brilliance of The Gohmert Case in an interview below with The Epoch Times.

The Gohmert case was filed to expose The Electoral Count Act of 1887 as Unconstitutional. Congress cannot create a law that undermines The Constitution. They would need a Constitutional Amendment.

Gohmert argues a federal law cannot strip power from someone The Constitution has given power to and give that power to other actors in the federal government.

Many argue The Constitution gives the power to the Vice President to reject or accept electors. Many argue it does not. What is clear is that it is unclear. In several instances the Vice President used his power to count the electors he deemed to be rightful.

Gohmert also argues if State Legislatures in the House vote in a contested election, The State Legislatures should also vote on accepting or rejecting electors as well. The Vote should not go to a Nancy Pelosi House vote.

Green also states the Supreme Court can rule there was fraud in the election AFTER Jan 6 and reverse any action taken on the 6th.